Prepaid Legal Online Business With Blastoff – A Review

Who reading this has Facebook? We all do. This past weekend I’ve been getting a few messages about the Prepaid legal joining, Blastoff. I must tell you so we are certain that all our readers receive the correct review points about this brand new Online Marketing Company, so I decided to do a little bit of homework. This company is a brand new gateway into the world wide web and joining with a little company we all know, Prepaid Legal. This is a new thing that an existing MLM company has partnered with this type of Online Website.

Checking out their material, it was all stating why anyone and everyone must join Blastoff. The concept is definitely well laid out. Blastoff has done a good job of capitalizing on the explosive Network Marketing tool, the Blog. Basically using a blogging platform, modifications can be made to your website by uploading applications of top Television Channels, Sports and Media, Articles, Social Networks, and online stores.

The new online web platform will be launching October 12th, 2009. Obviously there is the start-up concern, why is this internet retail site unlike any other online shopping company? Why is Blastoff going to be part of the 10% of Start-Ups that will crumble into the 90% that fail?

The personalized color scheme might assist in appearance, the stylish homepage design with selectable and interchangeable widgets that can benefit your numbers. Tell me if those things will set your your online page from all of the other replicated company websites out there? Modifying the themes is a given, but are you not offering the same thing as everyone else?

Internet shopping is not a new notion, even if their campaign promises to “Revolutionize” the industry. The partnership with Prepaid Legal does however, make it unique. All Prepaid Legal members are entitled to early registration before the launch. Something that was making me think, and you might also be thinking about, what do Legal Services have to do with Online shopping? Both companies have this on the hush hush but they do state that Blastoff “will not replace their current marketing methods, but are simply introducing a new web-based marketing process that is so complete it will change their entire marketing program as well as improve their existing business model.” What are they insinuating?

Blastoff has a head start, compared to the other Start-Up companies out there, because of their relationship with a reputable MLM group, Prepaid Legal.. They now have much better odds of making it past the 1 year lifespan of Start Ups… PPL deserve a hats off, for tapping into a market that is growing by the day, the Internet. Welcome to the 21st century!

Here’s the truth, and watch out… it might hurt. If you’re thinking about switching companies to be on the “ground floor” of a 30 year old “new” company because what you’re doing right now isn’t working…. what you’re doing isn’t going to work with this one either.

The key, CHANGE what you are doing. Don’t blame anyone else, I wish the online webpages were better. Why do others have success and I don’t? You’ll find yourself in the same place you are now years down the line unless you lead with yourself and market a solution to the problems of others.

No one wants another hurdle to jump over, they are looking for solutions. Plug yourself into an Online training program where you are offering them value and training on how to make their current company successful for them. THAT’S what people want, and all the Big Players online achieve this. So to wrap it up, Blastoff seems to be another glamorized online shopping site… but it sounds like a new problem for Networkers rather than a solution.