Pre-Paid Legal, A Review

Pre-Paid Legal has been offering their services for over thirty years and currently serves over one and a half million people. Firms in forty-eight states make them an accessible place for members across the United States and four provinces of Canada.

Pre-Paid Legal offers their services to members, by giving them access to professional counsel for traditional legal counsel, as well as creating a will. Handling problems on member’s behalf in regards to identity theft, problems with insurance companies and more.

This service is only for registered members of the Pre-Paid Legal System, which is only a toll-free call away. The firm consists of a provider law firm, screened by a legal team of experts.

The benefits members receive increased recently to give them over 60,000 forms available from their form service. The legal documents give a member the power that only the wealthy could do before they discovered and joined the Pre-Paid Legal service. Members can hold on to legal documents for the members for ten days before submitting to the legal experts.

The service is not only available for the public, but also employers can benefit from the specialized services of the team. An employer representing himself as the company representative as well as his employees can obtain the service. Even if the employees want to bring an act against the employer to have a clear and fair hearing, they can do so with one company representing both parties.

No more searching for lawyers, claim forms or being worried about being able to pay a lawyer, as Pre-Paid Legal is just a phone call away. The cost involved to obtain their services for a full legal plan ranges from $14.95 to 423.95 per month per family. Extra costs are for identity theft shield $9.95 per month if an employee has the legal plan included already. Without the legal services plan the employee has to pay $12.95 per month. Not having legal representation can be costly for any company, thus Pre-Paid Legal likes to offer themselves as the best solution.

The provider law firm is an assured established law firm and selected to serve a specific client after investigation from the Pre-Paid Legal team. The company assures that the provider law firm is in good standing with their particular state Bar Association and the Law Society. It has a service philosophy consistent with Pre-Paid Legal and will understand and empathize with your legal problems.

Generally, individuals have the perception that a lawyer is too expensive and out of budget range, but at a cost of $26, is totally affordable and less intimidating than actually entering a lawyer’s office. Other people may not know where or how to start a legal action, but with Pre-Paid Legal, it is simplified.

The monthly fee is quite reasonable and with all the links available and easily accessible on the web site, it will be easy to come to a conclusion, and come to a clear decision to join the company for value and cost saving legal services.